R.M. Moses

Writer / Director

I am a British born filmmaker, hailing from east London. I have been film-making for 5 years now and like to tell stories about invisible illnesses, internal struggles and intimately complicated relationships. I have an affinity with cinematography and visual storytelling which was the initial reason for me being interested in filmmaking.

With my production company "Blame The Consumer" we stay busy with weddings and some commercial work here and there. I've always wanted to tell stories but have been taking my time learning and educating myself in every department of filmmaking. As I aim to give the world my debut feature film very soon, I always try to keep busy with creating my own content, mainly because its like a directors gym, getting to workout on set of new projects.

I kind of acidentally stumbled into finding my voice and visual style in filmmaking, which I now take huge pride in. Bringing heavy emotions and realism to drama. I feel like I have a responsibility to keep telling these stories for the people who are struggling in silence and need a voice.

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