Writer, Director, Filmmaker

I am a multi-award winning British born filmmaker, currently based in London. I have been film-making for 4 years now and have created over 30 films. In 2016, I had 4 short films on the festival circuit and 3 of them received awards for "Best Screenplay" and "Best Short Film" around the world, including Australia, New York and California.

I run a production company called Blame The Consumer, and as we venture in to 2019, I aim to give the world my debut feature film. I always advise new filmmakers to work on short films first before they dive head first into creating features, it's good to practise and learn more about your craft. From creating so many films already,

I have found my voice and visual style which I take pride in. Bringing heavy emotions and realism to drama based film. Whether you're an actor or just a supporter of my work, keep in contact with me on social media for updates on casting calls and new film releases. I have so much to give the world.

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