Kane suffers from severe anxiety and his girlfriend has slowly turned into his carer.

In this very raw insight to how anxiety effects relationships, we witness the fallout of badly dealing with mental health.


Pack Of Wolves

'Pack Of Wolves' follows Ryan and his group of friends, as he looks for reassurance after getting the news that he is about to be a father.

With constant doubts and fears of not being man enough to father a child, he looks outward to his friends and family for guidance.


Pride Of Lions

'Pride Of Lions' follows Nichole and her group of friends, as she examines her relationship after getting the news that she is pregnant. Questioning whether or not this group of girls can be good influences or role models to her future baby, she has to deal with her own battles of fear and anxiety.



On this estate in east London, a group of friends are preparing for a music video shoot. Spoofing common stereotypes made with the “roadman” description, we see a glimpse of what the lifestyle entails. After the shoot, a situation arises that causes one of the guys to go through a life-changing moment.


Signs Of Silence

Born into a world of silence, Eli finds himself not able to communicate well with people. Mainly because not everyone understands sign language. This has impacted his self-esteem and confidence. This is Eli's story of how difficult life can be when you aren't being heard.